2000 Gardner Douglas GD 427 Mk III Cobra

The ex-factory demonstrator, Robert Meacham OBE 2000 Gardner Douglas GD 427 Mk III Cobra



Originally built and registered on June 1, 2000, with the registration “A11 MLM,” this specific Gardner Douglas model served as the factory demonstrator for over a year, prominently featured in numerous publications, copies of which are included in the comprehensive history file. In October 2001, it was acquired by Robert Meacham OBE, a distinguished BRDC member and privateer racing driver, who meticulously maintained and enjoyed the GD427 for over a decade.

Following Mr Meacham’s ownership, the Cobra was later purchased by Mr Allsopp, who cherished it for an additional six years, maintaining its allure as a tribute to an automotive legend. Subsequently, Mr Allsopp passed it to Mr Strachan, who recognised the Cobra’s potential for sympathetic modernisation.

Under Mr. Strachan’s ownership, the GD427 underwent tasteful modifications, elevating it to contemporary standards while preserving its classic charm. These enhancements have not only refined the Cobra but also increased its practicality for everyday enjoyment.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this Gardner Douglas is its extensive history file, meticulously cataloging every document since its inception. This comprehensive archive stands as a testament to the car’s journey through time and the unwavering dedication of its custodians to maintaining its heritage.

Despite its rich history, the GD427 has seen minimal mileage, averaging less than 1000 miles per year and always stored indoors. Its impeccable mechanical and cosmetic condition is a testament to the care it has received. Additionally, the car is equipped with 17″ 3-piece wheels and features a potent 330bhp 5.7 Litre Chevrolet small block engine. A full tonneau cover and hood add an additional layer of practicality to this Gardner Douglas GD 427 Mk. III Cobra.

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